Why an amateur web-site about Rivarossi ?

by Giorgio Giuliani (translation by Dario Romani)


In my experience as a collector, I have noticed the lack on the Internet of any documentation about Rivarossi: history, catalogues, etc.

Meanwhile, I have seen that abroad there are many web-sites, usually posted by collectors, on the famous firms of  model railways.

These sites are more less attractive, professionally made and detailed but they exist.

In France, in UK, in USA, but none in Italy.

Even the paper documentation is scarce: apart from the catalogues, just about nothing can be found on this famous Firm.

There existed at one time the Rivarossi Museum in the city of Como, but any trace about its contents is now lost.

Therefore I ask the collaboration of everybody:

-  if you know of any website about Rivarossi, let me know and I will post a link to it

-  if you know of any publications about the history of the Firm (books, specific catalogues,  theses of bachelor, press articles, etc.) let me know.


To contact us about this:



The important thing is to pay a tribute to the memory of this great Firm with a website that contains its production and history!!!

And it surely will be a reference point for all the fans who are orphans of .