Steam Locomotive  4-6-0  “Royal Scot" Class 6P LMS

Steam locomotive with tender, no.6100  named "Royal Scot" of the London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS). Wheel arrangement 4-6-0.
With the pressing need for a locomotive hauling fast passenger trains on the west coast main line of Great Britain, the LMS entrusted the Chief Mechanical Engineer at Derby, Sir Henry Fowler, with the design of such a locomotive.
He decided to adopt the 4-6-0 wheel arrangement, with 3-cylinder simple expansion.

This new design was commissioned, as Class 6P, in a first batch of 50 units. These were built in 1927 by the North British Locomotive Company in close cooperation with Derby. The first 25 machines received, according to tradition, the names of British Army Regiments, while the first, no. 6100 "Royal Scot"  gave the name to the whole loco class. Two locomotives have actually been associated with no. 6100, and this is an account of their story. In 1933, it was required to send such a locomotive to Canada and the USA, to an exhibition of railway equipment which was held in Chicago.  It was decided that no. 6100 was unfit as too old, and so no. 6152 of the second batch was selected as being brand new. Therefore, the locomotives nos. 6100 and 6152 swapped operating numbers. To operate in America, the engine was also fitted with the traditional bell on the front . As it came back to Britain, it went overhaul, as to restore its operating condition, but the bell remained, to recall its trip overseas.  The new name and number were retained, and as such, upon the Nationalisation of 1948, it became no. 46100 of British Railways.
The model reproduces the original locomotive as running in 1927.

The fine gearing is fully operational and great care has been put into the detail of the livery, lining, and numbering.

Length 23.5 cm

Produced in 1977 by Rivarossi